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Susanne Lang Cashmere

As warm, luxurious and opulent as the feeling of cashmere on naked skin. Cashmere combines amber, incense, and saffron with exotic spices and some citrus.

Cashmere is the sort of fragrance for women who don�t like their scent to be overpowering, it is soft and blends into your own skin chemistry quite nicely.

Scent category: Soft floral / softly oriental

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Susanne Lang Lotus Blossom

Susanne Lang is a wonderful niche perfumer based in Canada.

Lotus Blossom smells of tropical blossoms, freshly cut, immersed in a crystal bowl of water. It is dreamy, soothing and lovely.

Notes are: Pink Lotus, Lily, Freesia, Tahitian Gardenia and Peach blossoms

Scent category: soft floral

It is luscious and sweet yet soft and easily wearable.

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Susanne Lang Midnight Orchid

Did you know that vanilla comes from an orchid plant?

Well, now that you do, that ought to give you a more specific idea of how Midnight Orchid smells. Midnight Orchid is a vanilla-themed fragrance that is simply swoon-worthy.

Midnight Orchid is the sort of fragrance that you can reach for in any season and for any occasion. It's simple yet lovely.

Notes are: white gardenia, Egyptian jasmine, freesia, vanilla absolute, soft musk

Scent category: Soft Floral / slightly Gourmand

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Tauer Carillon pour un Ange

Carillon pour un ange
...translates to "carillon for an angel" in English.

A "carillon" according to PerfumeShrine blog "is a musical instrument composed of at least 23 cup-shaped bells played from a baton keyboard using fists and feet, its sound chiming with piercing clarity, much like the aroma of lily of the valley pierces the air with its declaration of spring's final assertion. So carillon pour un ange, a carillon for an angel... The seraphic allusion is certainly not lost, the fragrance is quite lovely."

Carillon pour un ange smells of a dense and green floral bouquet.  Lily of the valley pokes it's petals in and out but there are also roses and other flowers amongst in this mossy delicious green forest.

Note include: Rose, ylang, lilac, lily of the valley, jasmine, leather, ambergris, moss, woods

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Tauer Eau d'Epices

Like all things created by Andy Tauer, Eau d'Epices is another beauty.

Notes:  cinnamon, cardamom, clove, coriander, red mandarins, orange blossom, jasmine, orris root, incense, woody cistus iadaniferous resin, ambergris, tonka bean, vetiver

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Tauer Incense Rose

Hello Gorgeous!  Tauer's Incense Rose is another hit with that beautiful "Tauer-ade" base.

Notes: Clementine, bergamot, castor, Bulgarian rose, orris, Texan cedarwood, incense, labdanum, myrrh, patchouli, ambergris

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Tauer L'Air du desert marocain

Usually considered the best fragrance from Andy Tauer, L'Air du desert marocain has a cult following and is a beautifully woody, spicy fragrance with a touch of sweet.

L'Air du desert marocain notes:
Coriander, Petitgrain (Bitter orange), Lemon, Bergamot, Jasmin, Cistus, Bourbon, Geranium, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Vanille, Patchouli and Ambergris

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Tauer Orange Star

Tauer Perfumes Orange Star
is a playful, fresh, lively and yet proper perfume.

Orange Star contains notes of clementine, red mandarine, lemongrass essential oil, orange flower, violet flower, ambergris, vanilla, patchouli and ambreine.
Orange Star is lasting, original and certainly worth a try.

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Tauer Perfumes Zeta edp

Tauer Perfumes launched
Zeta as a 2011 spring release. 

Zeta contains notes of lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, ylang, orange blossom absolute, neroli, linden blossom, rose, orris, sandalwood, vanilla.

Zeta is light, effervescent, but still manages to be long-lasting; it's another stunning creation from Andy Tauer.

This is the eau de parfum / edp.

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Tauer Une Rose Chypree

Une Rose Chyprée is one of the most sophisticated rose chypre perfumes created by a modern nose.  It is undeniably delicious.

Notes are listed as: Rosa damascena absolute and essential oil, bay, cinnamon, bergamot, lemon, Clementine, Bourbon geranium, labdanum, oak moss, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla

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Tauer Une Rose Vermeille

Tauer's Une Rose Vermeille is a luscious gourmand rose-raspberry jam.  It is a gourmand fragrance even for those who don't often like sweetness.  The rose is apparent initially but once the fragrance dries down it becomes a delectable rose-violet, berries and tonka bean confection.

Notes: lemon, bergamot, lavender, rose, raspberry, violet, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean, ambergris

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Tauer Vetiver Dance

Vetiver Dance is another beautiful fragrance from the talented and wonderful Andy Tauer.

Vetiver Dance features notes of: Vetiver from Java, grapefruit, black pepper, clary sage, Rose absolute, lily of the valley, ambergris, cedar wood, tonka, cistus


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Teo Cabanel Alahine

Alahine is a modern classic. 

In a nutshell, Alahine is an ambery oriental. It opens with notes of bergamot, lavender and ylang ylang then moves into a heart of Bulgarian and Moroccan rose, orange flower, jasmine and pepper plant and then dries down with iris concentrate...patchouli, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.  But the list of notes does not sufficiently describe the beauty of Alahine.

Alahine is a classically styled sophisticated fragrance.  Sillage and longevity are unsurpassed.  Wearing Alahine is pure pleasure.

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Teo Cabanel Alahine parfum extrait

This is the parfum extrait concentration of Alahine.   Sublime.

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Teo Cabanel Early Roses


Teo Cabanel Early Roses is a beautiful green-tinged rose floral that evokes a morning walk in a rose garden.

Early Roses was developed by perfumerJean-Francois Latty and the notes include: jasmine, rose, pink pepper, amber, woody notes and musk.


Teo Cabanel Julia

Teo Cabanel is a fantastic perfume house with four well-done fragrances.

Julia is a sublime fruity floral with tart notes of rhubarb and black currant over velvety florals, citrus and musk.  Julia is a grown-up fruity floral but can easily be worn by anyone of any age.

Notes: Mandarin, rhubarb leaves, black currant, jasmine, violet, hyacinth, sandalwood, incense, citruses, raspberry and musk

Teo Cabanel Lace Garden

The composition of Lace Garden opens with an opulent blend of ylang-ylang and luminous lemon drops spreading their sweet-fresh notes announcing a white bouquet in the heart. The fragrance develops intoxicating and seductive scents of tuberose, harmoniously blended with elegant white jasmine, orange blossom and fragile magnolia, rounded up with sensual vanilla, wood and benzoin, along with powdery and woody shades contributing to final warmth and softness.


Teo Cabanel Meloe

Meloe is a fresh, sparkling fragrance with prominent citrus and dry spice notes.  It is warm, sensual and long lasting.  A joy to wear all year 'round and effortlessly unisex.

Notes include: Calabrian Bergamot, Mandarin and Lemon from Sicily, Lavender, Basil, Neroli from Tunisia, Orange blossom, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Crystal Moss, Musk, Amber

Teo Cabanel Oha


Teo Cabanel Ohais a sexy, dark rose and spice fragrance. 

Oha begins with a fresh sweep of bergamot with a delicate black tea aroma. Voluptuous rose and jasmine create it's spicy heart laced with cardamom. Oha radiates with additional notes of vanilla, iris, tonka bean and exotic woods draped across a bed of white musk.


Teo Cabanel Oha parfum extrait

This is the parfum extrait concentration of Oha.  It's so good.

Terry de Gunzburg Ombre Mecure

Terry de Gunzburg Ombre Mecure is a gorgeous dusky violet oriental.

After the successful cosmetics line, By Terry, the former creative director at Yves Saint Laurent and make-up artist, Terry de Gunzburg enters the world of perfumery in 2012.

Ombre Mecure is a romantic and dreamy fragrance which is both vintage inspired yet modern in feel.  It is described as a powdery scent of iris and violet and it certainly honors some timeless Guerlain classics such as Apres L'Ondee and L'Heure Bleue, while maintining it's modern style.

Official notes are listed as iris, rose, ylang ylang, violet, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla and benzoin.

Ombre Mecure is a must for anyone who loves the Guerlain classics but feels they are just a bit too old fashioned. There is also a Serge Lutens feel in the dark violets and earthy base notes.


The Different Company Bois d'Iris

Created by Jean Claude Ellena, Bois d'Iris is a woody-floral-musk fragrance from the roots of the iris pallida, the most aromatic lily, from Italy.

It takes eight years (yes, 8 years) to extract one litre of iris absolut from 40 tons of rhizomes (rhizomes are the bulbs/roots of the iris plant) making it one of the most scarce and expensive  ingredients in perfumery.

Notes include: iris, vetiver, bergamot, cedar, precious woods, narcissus, geranium, and musk. Bois D'Iris is an eau de toilette, edt, and was created by Jean Claude Ellena.

Bois d'Iris is an eau de toilette / edt.

The Different Company de Bachmakov

The Different Company de Bachmakov
is currently only available in Paris.

The fragrance is meant to celebrate artistic director Thierry de Baschmakoff’s Russian origins.  The Perfumer is Celine Ellena and it is a gorgeous unisex fragrance with notes of bergamot, shiso leaves, coriander leaves, freesia, jasmine, nutmeg, cedar and craie douce.

de Bachmakov is a 12% concentration parfum.

The Different Company Osmanthus

TDC Osmanthus is a rare fragrance that evokes a Chinese garden. Contains Osmanthus, green leaves, bergamot, orange, tangerine, rose, bay, and musk as it's main notes. A fruity floral fragrance that is light and beautiful like the unique and rare Osmanthus flower.


Jean Claude Ellena is the perfumer behind The Different Company

The Different Company Sel de Vetiver

Sel de Vetiver blends a refreshing woody vetiver with a salty note.

Notes:  grapefruit, cardamom, geranium, Haitian vetiver, patchouli, iris and ylang ylang.

Sel de Vetiver is an unusual and gorgeous masterpiece particularly for fans of vetiver.

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The Different Company Sublime Balkiss

Sublime Balkiss was developed by perfumer Celine Ellena (daughter of Jean Claude Ellena).

Sublime Balkiss notes include bergamot, violet, black and purple berries, blueberry, blackberry, blackcurrant, patchouli, lily of the valley, rose and lilac.

Sublime Balkiss is described as a modern chypre (which has come to mean a chypre sans the oakmoss)

The Different Company, Jasmin de Nuit

Created by Celine Ellena, daughter of Jean Claude Ellena, Jasmin de Nuit is a gorgeous floriental with notes of Egyptian jasmin, amber, blackcurrant, star anise, spices, cinnamon, cardamom, and sandalwood.

Jasmin de Nuit is an eau de toilette / edt.

The Different Company, Oriental Lounge

Created by Celine Ellena, daughter of Jean Claude Ellena, Oriental Lounge is a decadent oriental amber fragrance that is a take on the classic tale of One Thousand and One Nights. 

Notes are listed as: bergamot, curry leaf, pepper, red rose, labdanum, tonka bean, amber and satinwood.

Concentration:  parfum with an 18% concentration.

Theo Fennell Scent edp

Created by Christophe Laudamiel, Theo Fennell Scent includes notes of saffron, cardamom, lily, rose, orchid, jasmine sambac, orange flower, cumin, cinnamon, patchouli, tonka bean, labdanum, sandalwood and benzoin. 

Theo Fennell is an eau de parfum / edp.

Thierry Mugler A Travers Le Miroir

A Travers Le Miroir is an exclusive niche offering from Thierry Mugler perfumes.

A Travers Le Mirior (Through the Looking Glass) is a decadent tuberose that flirts with a warm, woody accord, with the signature Mugler base.

A Travers Le Miroir is an eau de parfum / edp.

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