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Part of the Les Exclusifs collection, Coromandel launched in 2007 and is named for the lacquered Chinese screens that Gabrielle Chanel owned.

Chanel describes Coromandel as a “dry ambery oriental,” however, I don’t smell much amber in Coromandel.

Coromandel is overall a wonderfully spicy, dry earthy oriental fragrance.  The vanilla and chocolate notes are present but faintly swirled about in the background, not upfront and not even remotely gourmand.  The vanilla and chocolate notes serve to temper the strong patchouli blast and soften its edges.  Coromandel is very dry and spicy and easily unisex.    The patchouli is pungent but Chanel has removed any of the hippie-dippy skankiness and left us only the most beautiful and wearable parts. 

Different from other perfumes in the Les Exclusifs line Coromandel is strong and tenacious.  For lovers of dry spicy fragrances, Coromandel is a must.

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